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The Netherlands 

Jeffrey Korsmit, St Willebrord

Jeff Korsmit is a young passionate farmer. On his small farm in the south of the Netherlands he raises several heritage breeds of livestock, one of them is the Mangalitza pig. 

Working on the land in a sustainable manner and producing good quality products from animals that were raised in a humane way is very important for him.
He raises his animals in a way that is as natural as possible. And he likes to quote Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms; “I respect the pigness of the pig”.

He has been breeding Red and Swallow Belly Mangalitsas since 2014. Some of his Mangalitsa were exported by Barbara Meyer zu Altenschildesche to the USA and Japan. These pigs were from the Austrian & Hungarian lines ha has at his farm.


Jeffrey's Facebook Page:

Jeffs Instagram: 

Barbara Meyer zu Altenschildesche, Royal Mangalitsa NL

Barbara started to breed 2011 with original Austrian lines.

She gives advice about the breed and has exported in several European countries like,

Germany, Belgium, the UK, Portugal, France

She arranged 3 International Exports of the 3 colors:

2 times to the US, 20114 Hungarian lines and 2016 Hungarian/Austrian lines

She also exported in 2016, 25 Mangalitsa pigs (all the colors) to Japan. These were the first pure Mangalitsa in Asia.


Barbara has build a International Mangalitsa Network, connects breeders with each other & customers and is known for her care and love for this breed.

Royal Mangalitsa was founded by her in 2014 and in 2016 she started to work with Wilhelm Kohl and asked him to join her in her business. More about their work you can find on the Royal Mangalitsa website.

She is well known for her knowledge of the breed, exceptional animal husbandry and international contacts.

Link to her Facebook Site: Royal Mangalitsa

YouTube: Mangalitza Breed

Instagram: Mangalitsalady

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