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On this site you can find Recipes and other information about the breed and their fat & meat.


This back fat is from Ilona, one of our 5 years old red Mangalitsa sows. She was finished on a barley diet (rolled barley). Her hanging weight was more than 180 kg (395 lbs). We left 3 cm (1 inch) of back fat on the loin, so the total fat cap was around 11 cm (4.5 inches).

To get such a big fat cap on a Mangalitsa you need a pig that is at least 18+ month old! We prefer a finishing period of 12 - 16 weeks on rolled barley after the pig is 18 month old. Some people try to put such a fat cap on with feeding old bread as they can get it for free, but we strongly recommend not to do that, as it can totally ruin the fat quality that you need for dried cured products!

Diet and fat quality:

The light pink color is a sign of high quality fat. As Mangalitsa fat already has a very low melting point (even below body temperature!) it is important to finish this breed correctly. With a diet that contains oils, like acorns, nuts, avocado, sunflower or other oily feed, the Mangalitsa fat will be even softer, which can cause problems. When the finishing diet of a Mangalitsa pig contains these ingredients, it is even more essential to add barely, rye or other grains to their diet the last 12 -16 weeks. 

Sweet Lard 
Some people think you only can use lard in a 'salty' version. Wrong, Mangalitsa fat (not the leaf lard) is perfect as a sweet version as well. Just start to be creative with lard.
Two delicious versions are: as a spread on bread or used as a ice-bonbon. 

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For everyone who wants to start raising Mangalitsa pigs 
30 pages of valuable information about the Mangalitsa. Especially written for people that looking in to raising them. Lots about the meat & fat, pure Mangalitsas and their challenges and the benefits of crosses or other heritage breeds.

If you send us an email we 
gladly send you this PDF to share on your website. Free of charge!

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Facts about the Mangalitsa - Things you should know _ fat _ meat  ©
Different Mangalitsa Charcuterie products cured in the Netherlands
In the video below I will explain some Charcuterie products that are very common made from Mangalitsa pigs. This breed is like the Iberico pig praised for its exceptional meat and fat to create the most beautiful Charcuterie. 

Mangalitsa seam butchery tutorial
As the Mangalitsa is an amazing pig for Charcuterie, a different way of butchering the carcass is needed.
Below you will find a Document created by Christoph Wiesner. He is one of the most experienced people on this field. He also gives lessons on Mangalitsa seam butchery in Austria at their Mangalitsa farm. 

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Mangalitza Butchery_Seam Butchery by Chr
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