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Where to find Mangalitsa
Products & Meat

We can't cover all breeders who sell meat and products but we can give you some tips where to find Mangalitsa products in different countries.

Under M O R E you will find the websites & products
Polish Heritage Farm 9_edited.jpg

Polish Heritage Farm, Cedar, MI 

Owners Thomas and Kathleen Koch operate a small family farmstead in Cedar, Michigan since 2017. Currently raising and processing pure Mangalitsa and Mangalitsa crosses, goats, chicken/duck eggs on 15 acres in the heart of Leelanau county, Michigan. 

For information on pork or farm tours please text/call Tom at (313) 854-6633

Bruce & Diane Winfield Farm_edited.jpg

Winfield Farm - Buellton, California

Winfield Farm, Owned and operated by Bruce and Diane Steele:

"Nestled in the Santa Ynez River valley about three miles west of Buellton on Highway 246, Winfield Farm is dedicated to top quality, naturally grown food that tastes good. 

Winfield Farm operates entirely on SOLAR ENERGY & HUMAN POWER— Bruce raises our Manga herd single-handed. He has a personal relationship with every pig. Winfield Mangas are treated with utmost respect and care — birth to harvest. NO ANTIBIOTICS Winfield Manga diet consists of pasture plus 100% naturally grown barley, squash, acorns, walnuts – all except barley hand harvested locally. NO GMO FEEDS (No corn, no soybeans)

Visit our online Mangalitsa Market pages for more information about the magic of Mangalitsa pork.  You can order online and taste the magic for yourself!"

Stone Arch Farm LLC - ©Steve Garman Lititz - PNG18. 02. 2024, 20243 11_03_36 21.jpg

Stone Arch Farms, Lititz, Pennsylvania

"Family owned Stone Arch Farm is located in Lititz, PA (Lancaster County). We raise royal-heritage breed Mangalitsa pork. All our animals are 100% pure bred and spend their entire lives on pasture. They all get the care a Royal pig should get! 

We also raise Scottish Highland Beef.


We do Retail and Wholesale. Order online for retail sales for Thursday or Friday pick up. Shipping is also available.


When you have questions please contact:



Ryan Thatcher meat RM website.jpg

2 Men & A Hen  - Barryton, MI

2 Men & A Hen is owned and operated by Ryan and Christopher Thatcher with extensive help from our family and friends. Located in Barryton, Michigan.

We promote raising traditional Irish Dexter cattle, pure Mangalitsa pigs, miniature to midsize Miniature Highlands cows, and chickens that respond well to traditional farming methods. They sell also whole or half Mangalitsa hogs.

Meat products cannot be shipped and are Farm Pick Up ONLY.


Tony Incontro -  Nebraska

INCONTRO CURED works with only one true premium breed of pig; The Noble Mangalitsa -100% natural, in slow traditional methods.  They meticulously craft in small, limited size batches, to guarantee optimal quality.

Leon .jpg

ELTEE Mangalitsa's LLC, Pender, Nebraska

ELTEE Mangalitsa’s LLC is a family farm located in Northeast Nebraska. Farming is not only our business, it’s our way of life. Leon is a third generation farmer, we live and work on our family farm, and are proud to have the opportunity to raise this special breed of pigs. Every day we strive to produce the highest quality products while using sound animal husbandry and farming practices.


With over four decades of pork production experience, we were looking for a better way to define ourselves and make changes needed to thrive in the future.


Mangalitsa’s provide all the characteristics that chefs and makers of high end specialty meats desire. We at ELTEE Mangalitsa’s LLC are proud to present this high-end premium pork to our customers.

Sarah CA meat .jpg

Canadian Mangalitsa Farms, Campbellford, Ontario

Sarah & Zoltan Gazso started to raise Mangalitsa pigs in 2020. For them it is very important to raise quality Mangalitsa Pigs in an ethically way.

Their passion is preserving Tradition: Mangalitsa Hogs for Handcrafted Cured Meats

"Indulge in the exquisite taste of our cured Mangalitsa products, meticulously crafted to perfection. Each bite offers a symphony of flavors, showcasing the rich heritage and superior quality of Mangalitsa pork. At our farm, we are not just passionate about delivering exceptional taste; we are also committed to preserving the genetic diversity of Mangalitsa pigs. Through selective breeding and careful stewardship, we ensure that each Mangalitsa embodies the finest traits of its lineage, contributing to the preservation of this treasured breed. Our dedication to breed preservation extends beyond our products.


We strive to educate and advocate for the importance of maintaining genetic diversity within the Mangalitsa population. By supporting our farm, you are not only indulging in culinary delights but also joining us in our mission to safeguard the future of this extraordinary breed for generations to come. Explore our range of delicacies, including Salami, Guanciale, Pancetta Tesa, Pepperets, Cacciatore, Coppa, and Lonza, knowing that each purchase supports our commitment to breed preservation and excellence in Mangalitsa farming."

Monte Nevado - Mangalitsa Ham cured in Spain

Monte Nevado - Spain

Monte Nevado is the biggest Mangalitsa Ham producer in the world. In many countries you can find their exceptional Mangalitsa products. Here you can find more about this old Spanish company:

In 1991 we discovered a forgotten breed, on the brink of extinction: the Mangalica pig. An indigenous pig from Hungary with the same Mediterranean bloodline as the Iberico pig.

It is the result of the cross between the breed brought by the Romans and the semi-wild mountain pigs, with subsequent cross-breedings.


It is very resilient and tolerates the harsh winters and hot summers of the Hungarian steppe. Snow covers the fields during several months with temperatures dropping to -25 C (-13 F), which explains its higher fat content and thick coat. In 1990 there were fewer than 200 animals in existence.

It's penchant for roaming and it's natural feeding on corn, wheat and grasslands, along with the maturity it reaches makes it ideal for the highest quality cured products.

Lisa Herd UK 2014 otterburn Mangalitza 1.jpg

Otterburn Mangalitza - United Kingdom

Otterburn Mangalitza / Lisa Hodgson - the North Yorkshire home for pure Mangalitsas in the United Kingdom.

The Mangalitsa at Lisa & Tim's Farm reach their 'prime' at 2 years of age. Their Mangalitsas have an unmatched reputation for quality. They rear their pigs to a minimum of 2 years, to ensure that they are the absolute best that they can be and, importantly, to give each animal a longer and happier life. ​ All Mangalitza pigs are registered in the British Pig Association BPA

Christina Canada meat 1.jpg

EH Farms -  Alberta, Canada

Christina Stender , passionated Mangalitsa breeder and owner of EH Farms. She raises her Red Mangalitsa pigs with love and care. ​She says about her product:

"Red Mangalitsa pork is known for its fantastic and mouthwatering taste! The marbled fat-filled meat is juicy and packed with loads of flavour. The fresh lard derived from the Mangalitsa pigs can be stored in your fridge and used as a healthy alternative to butter and for other cooking solutions.

Each of the select meat cuts from EH Farms contains everything you need for a protein packed meal that is high in omega-3/6/9 fatty acids and antioxidants, essential for a well-balanced diet. Shoulder roasts, tenderloin, pork chops, and ribs are our key meat features for home cooked dinners or in restaurants!

Our smoked ham, stew meat, ground pork, and bacon are ideal for any breakfast, lunch, or dinner that your family or customers will love!

Take a look at our heritage breed Mangalitsa select local meat cuts and lards offered from EH Farms" 

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