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Old Lard breed from 1833

The Mangalitsa Breed

For Breeders-Butchers-Chefs

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The Breed

The Mangalitsa breeds are indigenous to the former Austro/Hungarian region as well as to some parts of Serbia and Romania. Their breeding history dates back to about 200–250 years ago. They are lard-type pigs and have beautiful curly hair.

Also is their dark wel marbled meat tender and full of flavor. Their fat is healthy and rich of Omega3 and Omega 6.

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Pure Breed

Not each pig with curls is a pure breed Mangalitsa pig. Crosses even 50% Mangalitsa and 50% another breed can show all the Mangalitsa traits. Never look at one single pig when it does not come from verified pure MBOAR registered parents. Always look at the father, mother, siblings and if possible ask pictures of previous litters to check if there is any sign of cross breeding. Sadly people got told their pigs were pure and for sure sell the offspring is pure and they are not. It is not easy to determine. For example look at the pictures below in the next subject about crosses.

Raising Mangalitsa Pigs

Good advise about feeding and breeding Mangalitsa

Join FACT to learn all about the mighty Mangalitsa! This lard breed originated from Austria/Hungary, but has stolen the hearts of farmers, chefs, and consumers all over the world. Michelle Anderson (Little Curly Pig Farm) and Carla Mertz (Iron Shoe Farm) will talk all things Mangalitsa:

From a brief history of the breed, raising them in Minnesota, and what to consider if you are thinking of adding them to your farm. Originally aired March 29, 2023

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The difference between Pure Breed & Cross Breeds

As there is lots of crossing been done in the recent years with the Mangalitsa to improve other leaner breeds it is important to know how to determine a cross from a pure Mangalitsa. We think it is also important that you understand the differences in the costs to raise pure breed Mangalitsas and crosses. Often a Mangalitsa cross will suit your needs for meat %  & fat % better.


When you go to the "MEAT DIFFERENCE" button you can find those important topics covered when it comes to the meat/fat and carcass as well to the costs and finishing time between a pure Mangalitsa and a cross. 


When you go to the  'PURE OR CROSS' button you will find information on how to determine if a pig is pure of breed or probably a cross between a Mangalitsa and another breed/breeds.

Sadly some people sell crosses as pure of breed which is for sure not anything we support!. So we think it is important to know the difference between a pure and cross breed Mangalitsa.


Pure or cross?

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