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Not all in English but still interesting

Happy Mangalitsa Family

Short Dutch film about Barbara's Mangalitsas

Pigs can fly

Short film where Barbara is explaining about the shield that Mangalitsa boars grow when they get older.

This armor is made of hard connected tissue and protects the boars shoulders when 2 grown males get into a fight for dominance. 

Mangalitsa Slaughter

Part one of a short educational film about the slaughter of one of Barbara's red Mangalitsas. She believes that it is very important that the slaughter is done in a humane & animal friendly way. Good farmers and butchers know that stress should be keept at a minimum level.  

Barbara always makes sure her animals feel as calm as possible.

Mangalitsa Butchering
Mangalitsa Butchering

Part two of the film about the slaughter and butchering of a Mangalitsa.

Mangalitsa Story Trailer (Hungary)

Short trailer of the Hungarian Mangalitsa documentary from Anna Melocco. 

PigStock 2011 Michigan

Short film about the slaughter of a Mangalitsa.

Export to Japan

Short video about the story the 25 Mangalitsa pigs going from the Netherlands to Japan in June 2016.

Mangalitsa Documentation

Complete version of the Hungarian Mangalitsa documentary from Anna Melocco.

Giant Hongweed Project The Netherlands

Mangalitsas are great when it comes to nature projets. In the Dutch City of Almere near Amsterdam they have a big problem with an invasive plant called the Giant Hogweed. The liquid of their leaves can case huge blisters on the human skin.Barbara was asked to start a pilote project with her Mangalitsas to eradicate the weed.

It turend out that Mangalitsa are very efficient in destroying the root of the plant. 


Nature project with Mangalitsas in The Netherlands
Hungarian Chef Viktor Moldovan from Japan

In this short film Chef Hungarian Viktor Moldovan from Japan, was at my place in the Netherlands. He created a beautiful Mangalitsa Dinner and tells why he loves to work with this breed.

Mosefund Mangalitsa USA

A short film about Chris Andersen's Mangalitsa story

The Black Mangalitsa

A film about the Black almost extinct variety of the Mangalitsa. Professor Péter Szabó explains about this scientific project. He had worked on this project with his team for many many years. This model farm here is in the Hungarian village of Hajdúnánás.

Tibor Zoltán Szólláth is a Hungarian engineer and politician, mayor of Hajdúnánás since 2010, 

Mangalitsas at Zsoka Fekete Mangalitsa Farm in Hungary

A film about Zsoka's Mangalitsa Fram in Hungary. She won several prices with her products and animals.

Mangalitsa sows from Hungary (MOE) with their piglets in the Quarantine in the Netherlands 2014 

A video from the 8 Hungarian Mangalitsa sows that were imported pregnant from Hungary in 2014 to bring new Genetic diversity to the US and other EU county's. 

here you can see the blonde Boar lines: Bator, Halmaj & Bacska and the red boar lines, Deva, Szalonta and Ovar. The piglets are 8 weeks of age. 2 litters (one red and one blonde are 4 weeks of age.

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