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Meyer zu Altenschildesche

Barbara was born 1965 in Germany where she studied Graphic Design & Art in Cologne. After her study she went to the Netherlands, where she lived for almost 30 years. In the Netherlands she also developed her passion for the Mangalitsa breed and started to raise them since 2011. After she was asked to do several exports to different European countries she was asked by Wilhelm Kohl to help export new genetics to Michigan, USA. Which she did in 2014 & 2016. More of those exports you can find here: LINK

In 2016 she also exported all the 3 colors (25 breeding pigs) to Hokkaido, Japan.

Her main passion since 2011 is to show the beauty of the Mangalitsa breed and educate about them. 

She is founder of Royal Mangalitsa and as her profession is Graphic Design, she loves to create educational work about the different aspects of the breed. She also does farm visits, more about those you can find in this LINK 

She creates Photo - Art, Logos and she creates AI - Images for breeders on demand.

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Mangalitsa poster ™
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Photo Artwork
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Photo Quote
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