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We are always creating new educational information so keep an eye on the Royal Mangalitsa website


For everyone who wants to start raising Mangalitsa pigs 

30 pages of valuable information about the Mangalitsa. Especially written for people that looking in to raising them. Lots about the meat & fat, pure Mangalitsas and their challenges and the benefits of crosses or other heritage breeds.


If you send us an email we gladly send you this PDF to share on your website. Free of charge!

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Facts about the Mangalitsa - Things you should know _ fat _ meat  ©
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MBOAR - Mangalitsa Breed Organization And Registry has also a great website with lots of information especially when you are looking to buy registered stock or want to find out if you can register your Mangalitsa pigs. 

Good advise about feeding and breeding Mangalitsa

Join FACT to learn all about the mighty Mangalitsa! This lard breed originated from Austria/Hungary, but has stolen the hearts of farmers, chefs, and consumers all over the world. Michelle Anderson (Little Curly Pig Farm) and Carla Mertz (Iron Shoe Farm) will talk all things Mangalitsa:

From a brief history of the breed, raising them in Minnesota, and what to consider if you are thinking of adding them to your farm. Originally aired March 29, 2023

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