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The Breed

The Mangalitsa breeds are indigenous to the former Austro/Hungarian region as well as to some parts of Serbia and Romania. Their breeding history/development dates back to about 200–250 years ago. It's lard-type pigs and have beautiful curly hair.

And their genetic makeup goes even further back to a.d. 800-900. Scroll down to read more very important information.

The breed is known for their dark marbled, juicy and flavourful meat. The fat is considered a healthy fat and rich of Omega3 and Omega 6.

The Mangalitsa Pig

important for everyone:

The wrong Wikipedia story of the Mangalitsa, being a cross between Hungarian breeds and the Wild boar:

D not copy and paste from Wikipedia about the Mangalitsa/Mangalica, as the information is scientifically WRONG!

Let me show you what is wrong here and scientific studies proof it when you go to the scientific papers in the link.

So you can be sure I do not make up a story here, it's time we adjust that wrong information on our farm websites!!

- WRONG Wikipedia:


"The blonde Mangalica variety was developed from older, hardy types of Hungarian pig (Bakonyi and Szalontai) crossed with the European wild boar and a Serbian breed (and later others like Alföldi[4]) in Austria-Hungary (1833).[1]"

Scientific research and papers (you can find them in the link below, everything in-between "...." is a quote of a scientific documents you will find in the link below, so you can check everything by yourself!)

RIGHT: Note I only copy and pasted!!

"It is widely accepted that the Lápi pig breed, kept by the Avar people (a.d. 800-900), from the Carpathian basin, might have been the predecessor of Mangalica breed group; Bakony, Szalonta, Alföldi (EGERSZEGI et al., 2003)."

From: "Introgression and isolation contributed to the development of Hungarian Mangalica pigs from a particular European ancient bloodline" LINK

"However it is sure, that there was a full blown swine breeding in the country, when the Hungarian’s forefathers settled in the Carpathian-basin. The Romans had already developed breeding before, they had to feed a large population of the province. Then the Avars (residents before the Hungarians) have kept the Lápi (moorland) race, which blood-lined with Laibacher Moorland pigs and wild boar. This Lápi race might have been the origin of our three Hungarian aboriginal pig breeds, the Bakony, the Szalonta and the Alföldi fat-type pigs"

From: "Mangalica - an indigenous swine breed from Hungary (Review)" LINK

I could use more scientific information but that would not add much to it now.

More you find here 


SO a.d.800-900 these Avars lived where later came the Hungarians right? These people, the Avars had pigs of the Lápi race which had blood lines with/from the Laibacher Moorlamd pigs AND Wild Boar. So when was the Wild boar a tiny part of the genetics of the pigs we have today - The Mangalitsa?

That is 1100 years AGO!!!

So our Mangalitsas are NOT crosses with Wild Boar, nor is it correct what Wikipedia says as you can see.

Please do the breed a huge favour and do NOT copy and paste the Wikipedia information to your website about the Mangalitsa! Add the correct information on your website how our pigs breed came to existence.

I constantly find on websites (from Mangalitsa breeders) that they state/quote the Mangalitsa is a cross between certain breeds and the Wild boar. I wish people would adjust that as the % of wild boar in our Mangalitsas is not much more than in a Iberico or some other heritage pig breeds!!

When people are interested to learn more about the TRUE development of the Mangalitsa and it's breed history as well as how the breed was developed go to the MORE button and you will find lots of scientific articles.

Thank's in the name of the Mangalitsa

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