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Who  are  we

Royal Mangalitsa is an initiative inspired by two passionate Mangalitsa breeders: 

Barbara Meyer zu Altenschildesche from the Netherlands and Wilhelm W. Kohl from the USA.

Promoting the Mangalitsa pig and educate everyone interested in learning more about this beautiful heritage lard breed, created originally in 1833 in in the old Austro-Hungarian empire, is our main passion. 

Our goal is based on working with farmers, butchers and chefs interested in raising pigs in an ethical way, that want to work with high quality pork

We advise & educate about the Mangalitsa, and arrange for sale of breeding stock. All our service is free of charge.


On this website you will find lots of helpful information for breeders, butchers and chefs. 

We hope you will enjoy our website!

Barbara Meyer zu Altenschildesche

Wilhelm W. Kohl

When you want to raise 
Mangalitsa pigs start with reading these

Facts about the Mangalitsa - Things you should know _ fat _ meat  ©
The Mangalitsa Pig PDF
Pasture raising the Mangalitsa pig
More publications you can find here

Building the Future 

Starts with good education
A Register & A Breed Organization

Since 4th of January 2021 the Mangalitsa has a Breed Organization & Registry.
Visit the website by clicking on the MORE button below and learn more about this
Organization and the Mangalitsa pig.

We together with others in the US worked hard to finally have such Organization!

  • Mangalitsa Breed Organization And Registry

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