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It’s finally time to do what I’ve always wanted– create more art! My paint palette and water bucket from my elementary school years in Japan had been put away for too long. I now have three adult children, so you know how long it’s been!

I’ve always loved Japanese calligraphy which uses ink and Japanese fude brushes. Recently, I experimented drawing a rooster with the fude brush and it really warmed up my heart. It was like being a child again back when I would write Japanese letters on beautiful Japanese paper.

We have beautiful nature around where we live in Lancaster, PA. I have learned to appreciate it as I enjoy walks with my husband, kids and good friends. Most of the things I draw and paint are things that inspired me as I visited or walked by them in the past. Lately, I’ve had lots of time to use my Japanese paint brush to paint many of the little animals that I encounter each day!

If you enjoy some of my paintings, please visit my Etsy shop to see more. My desire is to be able to do something good with the profit I make to help make this world a better place. I believe God loves everyone on this earth, and I am thankful for that.

Mariko Art Mangalitsa pig.jpg
Mariko Mangalitsa art 3.jpg
Mariko Art Flower.jpg
Mariko Art Flower 2.jpg
Mariko Art 00003 bird.jpg
Mariko Kat.jpg
Mariko Art dog.jpg
Mariko Art bird 2.jpg
Mariko Art 00004 pig.jpg
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