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Boar Lines

Mangalitsa Boar Lines MOE - Royal Mangal

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Boar Lines in the US

All Hungarian boar lines - MOE - USA Imp

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Mangalitsa Butchery

Mangalitza Butchery_Seam Butchery by Chr

Mangalitsa seam butchery

As the Mangalitsa is an amazing pig for Charcuterie, a different way of butchering the carcass is needed.
Below you will find a Document created by Christoph Wiesner. He is one of the most experienced people on this field. He also gives lessons on Mangalitsa seam butchery in Austria at their Mangalitsa farm. 

Learn more about here:

How to

Butcher a Pig

How to Butcher an Entire Pig

Butcher and author Bryan Mayer shows Bon Appetit how to butcher an entire pig at Wyebrook Farm and explains every cut of pork. There are five sections of the pig that yield edible cuts: pork shoulder, pork belly, pork loin, pork butt (or ham), and the head. 



Learn more about here:

Primal Cuts

of Pork

Four different cuts of pork

Four different cuts of pork are sold at the wholesale level. From this first series of cuts, known in the trade as primal cuts, a butcher (usually at a meatpacking plant in the Midwest but sometimes on-site at your market) will make the retail cuts that you bring home from the market.

Learn more about here:


Healthy & Delicious

 How to render Lard

As Mangalitsa pigs are a Lard breed you will have a huge amount of healthy beautiful fat when you butcher them.

What to do with the fat and how to render it?

Here a interesting video you will find under More and a article in the link here:

How to render Lard the Right Way


Good for your skin

Lard can be a controversial

ingredient in soap making. Some are concerned that animal fat will make their soap greasy and clog pores. Actually, it is quite the contrary. Lard resembles the structure of human skin cells which is composed of saturated fats. Lard soap is closer to our skin than plant-based soaps.

Learn more about it here:


Articles about the Mangalitsa breed


Alfred Brehm 1876

1. The pig 

Strat from page 540

Pig breeding in the Hungarian History


Gödöllő 2007 

Pallas's Great Lexicon

Different pig breeds


The pig as it once was



Articles about the Hungarian culture of the Shepherds

„Die Kultur der Hirten in der Hortobágyer Puszta -

Eine kulturhistorisch-sozioterminologische Untersuchung“

Wien, im Oktober 2008

Verfasserin Bakk.phil. Nikolett Losonci 

Digital Library 
of Hungarian Studies

Interesting studies about

the Hungarian History.

All documents are in Hungarian.



Shepherds World 

by Takáts Gyula

Old Books

and Articles about

Pig breeding 


The treatises of


done into English, with notes of modern instances,

by a Virginia farmer.

Cato, Marcus Porcius, 234 B.C.-149 B.C. 


 The best crops to grow for hogs, and other data

by W.H. Dalrymple. 1910

W. H. (William Haddock), 1856-1925.


by F.G Ashbrook 1917

Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1917

A book everyone should read

Locally raised animals,

 humanely slaughtered and expertly butchered. This is the best meat we can eat and, with Adam Danforth's comprehensive manuals, you can learn the skills necessary to take an animal calmly and efficiently from pasture to freezer.

If you are looking for a great book how to butcher:

Full Guide To Cuts Of Pork & How To Cook Them


Blake Dan is the founder and website creator of GrillSimply. he is an experienced barbecue enthusiast for over 15 years and wants to  share his experiences and knowledge with you.

He created this resource to help all who share his passion of smoking & grilling, bringing the most essential techniques, detailed grill and smoker guides, and unbiased reviews to cut out the complications and keep it simple.

It is not specific about Mangalitsa pork but maybe you can find helpful information when you are interested in grilling.

Here the link to the website:

Pork Cuts

A visual Guide

Cooks Meat Book.png

Pork Cuts: A Visual Guide

Before you shop for pork, it’s helpful to understand some basic information as well as the primal cuts from which the retail cuts are butchered. Buying and cooking today’s lean pork chops or tenderloins can be a challenge. And in addition, there are many cuts of pork in the market, many of which are sold under a variety of alternate names. Pork labels can also be confusing. Our retail cuts chart will help you understand shopping for pork, cut by cut.

Learn more about here:


The Mangalitsa Film

Hungarian article 

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