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Royal Mangalitsa

Royal Mangalitsa is an initiative inspired by two passionate Mangalitsa breeders: 

Barbara Meyer zu Altenschildesche and Wilhelm W. Kohl. 

Their goal is to promote the Mangalitsa pig and educate everyone interested in learning more about this beautiful heritage lard breed, created originally in 1833 in in the old Austro-Hungarian empire. 

Their Website: Royal Mangalitsa

Their Facebook: Royal Mangalitsa

Instagram: Mangalitsalady

YouTube: Mangalitsa Breed

Shandstone Farm is home to Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa.

Catherine & Rick enjoyed various careers before devoting themselves to farming and the Mangalitsa pig.  Most notably, they met in their 30’s at captain’s school in FL and excelled as a team in the private yachting industry.  They both hold USCG Master Upon Oceans 1600 Ton captain’s licenses and their careers caring for the wealthy took them to numerous ports of call throughout the US, the Bahamas and BVI’s.  

A new dream took hold in 2015;  one that would lead to independence and freedom.  One that has led to even more joy than sailing the sea!  They love the agrarian lifestyle, the lovely people and chefs they meet and the community in which they’ve gratefully become a part..

Website: Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa

Facebook: Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa FB

Instagram: Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa

Winkler Wooly Pigs, Windsor, CA

Tim Winkler is a sustainable contractor located in the Northern California (Windsor, CA.) wine region. Specialising in aquatic environments, Tim purchased the his first Mangalitsa pigs in March 2011.  

You will find the most diverse, high quality breeding stock of all the 3 colors at Tim's place. He is the only breeder in the US that has all the original imports of the Hungarian Red and Blonde Mangalitsa from 2014 import at his farm. In 2016 he imported additional Red Mangalitsa from the Netherlands, as well as several Swallow Belly. Winkler Wooly Pigs offers pure bred breeding stock from proven lines throughout the United States.

Winkler Farms sustainably raises & provides acorn & feral finished mangalitsa pork to restaurants & charcuterie chefs throughout the state of California & the Western United States. Winkler Farms is committed to raising their pigs in a healthy environment & genetically diversifying this wonderful breed.

The story of Tim Winkler you will find when you klick here.

1936 Meadowbrook Farm, Benton Harbor, MI

Jan de Schaaf purchased the 40 acre farm from the Howard Family in 1936.

Since 2002 Mike, his wife Michelle and their son Otto continue to run the farm growing vegetables, wine grapes , plums, free range chickens and pasture raised Mangalitsa hogs, as well as Mangalitsa crosses (for meat production only). They also have won several Cochon 555 events with their pigs. 

As of 2016 the hogs have officially been approved by the Animal Welfare Approved program.

Royal Mangalitsa works closely together with Mike and Michelle since 2015. ​ 

Their Website: 1936 Meadowbrook Farm

Their Facebook: 1936 Measowbrook Farm

The Sheepish Pig, Kingston WA

THE SHEEPISH PIG is 100% Pure Mangalitsa Pork. They raise rare breed HEIRLOOM pigs using traditional, ethical, and sustainable farming practices. 
The farm from Tania Johnstone Issa is located on the saltwater shores of beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, in the town of Kingston, which is in the Greater Seattle area. The meat pigs are raised on pasture and woodlands, supplemented with organic feed and nuts. Seasonally, the pigs feast on acorns, a finishing method used to grow the finest pork in the world. Their heirloom breed pigs are naturally disease resistant and 'slow grown' as Mother Nature intended.
Their Website: The Sheepish Pig
Their Facebook: The Sheepish Pig

Winfield Farm, Buellton CA

Bruce and Diane Steele are the owners of Winfield Farm. Bruce does the farming, Diane does the paperwork. They have been in business since 2003, sharing the bounty of their garden – and now heritage Mangalitsa wooly pigs.

Their orchard produces Blenheim apricots, peaches and pears.  A few years ago they invested in a few rare Mangalitsa wooly pigs, renownd for charcuterie, to consume the inevitable superabundance that a garden produces.  Long story short, nature took its course… and with more than 100 pigs on the ground now, Mangalitsas have become their mainstay.

Their website: Winfield Farm

Their Facebook: Winfield Farm

Cosmic Roots Ranch, CA

Cosmic Roots Ranch primarily raises heritage Mangalista pork, as well as chickens, and seasonal fruit and vegetables. The pigs at Ellen Cole's farm are all ree-range and roam outside of Grass Valley, CA. 

Their Website: Cosmic Roots Ranch

Their Facebook: Cosmic Roots Ranch

Instagram: Cosmic Roots Ranch

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Mangalitsa and Mangalitsa Berkshire crosses ©Thomas Koch Michigan 2019.jpg

Polish Heritage Farm, Cedar, MI 

Owners Thomas and Kathleen Koch operate a small family farmstead in Cedar, Michigan since 2017. Currently raising pure Mangalitsa and Mangalitsa crosses, goats, chicken/duck eggs on 15 acres in the heart of Leelanau county, Michigan.


Along with livestock they operate a farm to fork food truck (Polish Countryside Kitchen) utilizing the animals and produce from the farm. Several retail locations throughout Michigan including Polish Art Center in Cedar, stock their corn/soy free pork products. ​


They host the pure color Red Mangalitsa pigs of Royal Mangalitsa at the moment. ​

Their Website: Polish Heritage Farm

Their Facebook Page: Polish Heritage Farm

Phone number: (313) 854-6633

As cell service is sometimes a challenge, please send a text message.

For information on pork or farm tours please text/call Tom at (313) 854-6633

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