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Kohonen Farms, Finland

Satu and Kari Kohonen

Facebook: Kohonen Farms

Palviaisen Tila, Jari Palviaisen Finland

Tiina & Toni Hokuni Finland

More about Tiina and Toni Hokuni soon.

Their meat site:  Vallanmaukas

Facebook: Vallan Maukas

Joutsin Tila Farm - Veikkaala, Finland

“Our aim is to produce quality meat as ethically and ecologically as possible, while looking after the animals’ well-being.” - Taru Joutsi​ (Owner)

We want to guarantee a good life to are animals, from the beginning to the end. The piglets are born on our own farm and stay together with their sow until they are 8 weeks old. After that they are moved to the pasture, where they are bred until they are at least 18 months. 

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