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Mangalica - Kris Reyniers, Oppède

Kris & Ilse Reyniers are the oldest and biggest breeders of Mangalitsa pigs in France.


Located in Oppede, a very romantic tourist village in the Provence, they started with some beautiful reds from Barbara in the Netherlands, and a single swallow belly boar, the famous Rocco, from another Dutch breeder. 


Their Facebook: 

Johannes & Bernardine Jonker, Les Soies, Ardèche

Johannes & Bernadine Jonker love their Domaine Les Soire in the green hills of the Ardeche.

Recent immigrants from the Netherlands, they got started raising Mangalitsas in 2015, now have 70 of them, and 8 ha of fenced area. They love the outdoors, enjoy walking in the mixed forest of chestnuts, oaks and firs, and sharing the beautiful property with their pigs.

Their Facebook: Domaine les Soies

Phone Johannes: +33 6 66 82 37 66

Domaine de Belin - Astrid Clyde

You really need to visit Astrid Clyde and her Domaine de Belin to get a real picture of a Mangalitsa paradise.


200 acres of fenced, mixed oak forest, natural springs and walk ways throughout. There is a special connection between the land, the pigs and the person that raises them.

Under contract with Christophe Gueze, these pigs will turn into the most delicious charcuterie available anywhere. 

Her Facebook: Domaine de Belin

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