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Christina Stender ​Strathmore - EH Farms

Christine studied Agriculture at the University of Guelph with a major in Animal Science. After graduation, she moved out west to Alberta to pursue my dream of working with farmers and eventually owning her own farm. 


While working as an agronomist in southern Alberta, she met my husband Andy.  Since they both worked in the agriculture industry, they found that they both shared the same dream...To one day own a farm!


In 2016, their dream came true when they bought a small family farm. 

They wanted to be unique and different, so Christina and her husband chose a slightly different path from what you would normally think of when you think of 'farming in Alberta'. They became Red Mangalitsa pig breeders. 

Their Website: EH Farms

Their Facebook: EH Farms

Tanja and Christian Welz, originally from Bremen, Germany, moved to Canada to start their own farm, raise their own animals, live a life very different from the one in the crowded city of Bremen. They jumped on the chance to purchase a historic farm house, built in 1828 by a Scott named John Campell, one of the original pioneer settlers.

The Mangalitsas are busy clearing the woodlands, and Tanja in the meantime is spending more of her time promoting the pigs. She is also involved as one of the directors of the Mangalitsa Breeders Association of Canada, and actively engaged to make the greatest possible genetic diversity of blood lines available in Canada.


Here their Facebook: TheLilac Farm

Here their Website:    The Lilac Farm 

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