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The Swallow Belly's at Monika Hänni's Farm in Switzerland

It was special to visit Monika Hänni in Switzerland.

She breeds Swallow Belly's for over 19 years. In Switzerland the Mangalitsa is called Wollschwein / Wooly Pig. Most breeders in Switzerland have the Swallow Belly's she told me.

Karins farm is in the beautiful mountains. She, her husband and the 5 kids live in a typical old Swiss Farmhouse. She also told me that the most breeders only have 2-3 sows and the boars are shared by the breeders. So these lucky sows go on 'Boar-Holiday" lucky girls ;-)...or maybe the boys are even more lucky...who knows!

Enjoy the pictures, Barbara

They are always the first who want to say hi.....

Monika stared breeding 19 yeas ago, she still is in love with this breed!

Nope no food this time...

Spring is coming!