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Where to find Mangalitsa Products

We can't cover all countries but we can give you some tips where to find Mangalitsa products. 
Under M O R E you will find the websites

Tony Incontro - USA California

INCONTRO CURED works with only one true premium breed of pig; The Noble Mangalitsa -100% natural, in slow traditional methods.  They meticulously craft in small, limited size batches, to guarantee optimal quality.

Ellen Cole from Cosmic Roots Ranch in California: 


"The pigs are free-range and roam on our small ranch outside of Grass Valley, CA. They live a longer, happier life, and we feel like you can taste it. For products visit our website."

Winfield Farm, Owned and operated by Bruce and Diane Steele:

"Nestled in the Santa Ynez River valley about three miles west of Buellton on Highway 246, Winfield Farm is dedicated to top quality, naturally grown food that tastes good. 

Winfield Farm operates entirely on SOLAR ENERGY & HUMAN POWER— Bruce raises our Manga herd single-handed. He has a personal relationship with every pig. Winfield Mangas are treated with utmost respect and care — birth to harvest. NO ANTIBIOTICS Winfield Manga diet consists of pasture plus 100% naturally grown barley, squash, acorns, walnuts – all except barley hand harvested locally. NO GMO FEEDS (No corn, no soybeans)

Visit our online Mangalitsa Market pages for more information about the magic of Mangalitsa pork.  You can order online and taste the magic for yourself!"

Tania Issa owner of The Sheepish Pig in Kingston, Washington:

 "THE SHEEPISH PIG is 100% Pure Mangalitsa Pork.  We raise rare breed HEIRLOOM pigs using traditional, ethical, and sustainable farming practices. 
Our farm is located on the saltwater shores of beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, in the town of Kingston, which is in the Greater Seattle area. Our meat pigs are raised on pasture and woodlands, supplemented with organic feed and nuts.  Seasonally, our pigs feast on acorns, a finishing method used to grow the finest pork in the world. Our heirloom breed pigs are naturally disease resistant and 'slow grown' as Mother Nature intended. Our all-natural uncured bacon and selection of sausages have no added Nitrites/Nitrates.
We sell USDA Certified pork (1 lb and up): Bacon, Sausage, Ground, Chops, Ribs, Leg & Shoulder Roasts (Leg Ham/Picnic Ham/Boston Butt), Tenderloin, Belly, Organ Meats, Bones, Lard, and more. 
Half and Whole Hogs are available for custom cuts by advance deposit."

1936 Meadowbrook Farm - Michigan

Mike & Michelle Deschaaf from 1936 Meadowbrook Farm are located in Benton Harbor, Michigan. 

They breed Blonde Mangalitsa pigs since 2012. The pigs are raised 100% free range and are fed with a special diet to guarantee the best flavor.

They also have won several Cochon 555 events with their pigs. 

As of 2016 the hogs have officially been approved by the Animal Welfare Approved program.

BLG Farm owned by Peter Solberg and his family:


They raise Berkshire, Mangalitsa and Mangalitsa/Berkshire crosses.

Their farm is located in Ballston Spa in the state New York. Their philosophy is: "Strong family values, work ethic, and sense of community are our foundational tenets. Because of this focus, what is grown is naturally exceptional!" 

When you are in in the area of Woodstock and you want to eat Mangalitsa, check out this restaurant:

"Our objective at Mangalitsa is to offer a complete dining experience where hospitality and cuisine work hand in hand. Our standard for sourcing the many ingredients that find their home on our menu is simple: local. By relying on our extensive network of small producers in the Upper Valley and cultivating relationships, we can offer an ever-changing, seasonal variety of small plates and shared entrees, served a la carte or prefix, and accompanied by a unique wine and beer list and house cocktails."

Otterburn Mangalitza - UK

Otterburn Mangalitza / Lisa Hodgson - the North Yorkshire home for pure Mangalitsas in the United Kingdom.

The Mangalitsa at Lisa & Tim's Farm reach their 'prime' at 2 years of age. Their Mangalitsas have an unmatched reputation for quality. They rear their pigs to a minimum of 2 years, to ensure that they are the absolute best that they can be and, importantly, to give each animal a longer and happier life. ​ All Mangalitza pigs are registered in the British Pig Association BPA

Mangalitsa Farmer / Jeffrey Korsmit - Netherlands

Mangalitsa Farmer / Jeff Korsmit is a young passionate farmer. On his small farm in the south of the Netherlands he raises several heritage breeds of livestock, one of them is the Mangalitza pig. 

Working on the land in a sustainable manner and producing good quality products from animals that were raised in a humane way is very important for him. He raises his animals in a way that is as natural as possible. He has been breeding Red and Swallow Belly Mangalitsas since 20
14. He sells fresh cuts and cured products made by Butcher Hen Spijkerman. Jeff's email:

Monte Nevado - International

Monte Nevado is the biggest Mangalitsa Ham producer in the world. In many countries you can find their exceptional Mangalitsa products. Here you can find more about this old Spanish company:

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