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I visited Herbert Stoeckl and his Family in Austria.

They have Swallow Belly Mangalitsa and other old Austrian Farm animals like the Lobe Goat, Alpinen Steinschafe & Cröllwitzer Puten.

They also served me some of their delicious home made Mangalitsa products.... the Herb Lardo and the Lard herb Creme was delicious ( as all the other things...but i love the lard!!

Thanks for the warm welcome and keep up the good work.

Here their Facebook site...

Pigs can be a great help on the farm, in your vegetable garden or help with cleaning up the field and forest. Here you can find a bit more of it when you are interested.

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Royal Mangalitsa

216 E. Shoesmith Road


​​Haslett, MI. 48840

United States

Tel US:

+1 (415) 712 3773 Barbara Meyer zu Altenschildesche

+1 (517) 712 9589 Wilhelm W. Kohl

Tel Europe: +31- 6 11 98 82 42 Barbara Meyer zu Altenschildesche


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