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It was special to visit Monika Hänni in Switzerland.

She breeds Swallow Belly's for over 19 years. In Switzerland the Mangalitsa is called Wollschwein / Wooly Pig.
Most breeders in Switzerland have the Swallow Belly's she told me. 

Karins farm is in the beautiful mountains. She, her husband and the 5 kids live in a typical old Swiss Farmhouse.
She also told me that the most breeders only have 2-3 sows and the boars are shared by the breeders. So the...

Good Mangalitsa news from Austria!

Last week i visited Dominik Spitzbart again in Austria. Its always a pleasure to talk with him and hear how things are going in Austria. Also this time was very interesting and he showed me his new Reds from Hungary.

He has all the 3 colors and is the head of the Mangalitsa Herdbook from Arche Austria. The official Austrian Mangalitsa Herdbook.

We had some very interesting conversations and he also told me when bre...

I visited Herbert Stoeckl and his Family in Austria.

They have Swallow Belly Mangalitsa and other old Austrian Farm animals like the Lobe Goat, Alpinen Steinschafe & Cröllwitzer Puten.

They also served me some of their delicious home made Mangalitsa products.... the Herb Lardo and the Lard herb Creme was delicious ( as all the other things...but i love the lard!!

Thanks for the warm welcome and keep up the good work.

Here their Facebook site...

Pigs can be a great help on the farm, in your vegetable garden or help with cleaning up the field and forest. Here you can find a bit more of it when you are interested.

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